As our name suggests, we are born quality providers. The name “Taloo Builders & Developers” encapsulates a leading edge, a promise, a thrust and a never-ending excitement. We believe in giving only that which makes you say, only “M/s. Taloo Builders & Developers” can do it, just as we say that being a born quality provider we offer a first-rate creative solution to your “Commercial Business & Housing as well as Real Estate Investments problems”.


We are what it takes for great impact through our sincere endeavor that brings in results for your “Commercial Business & Housing as well as Real Estate. Investments in our prestigious Projects & Schemes Putting to use just state of the art in our professionalism good looking designs, impressive plannings and everything that glitters impress and attracts the general public is not our false claim to pride and fame. We believe in being conceptual in our approach to the business of Builders & Developers we do.

At Taloo Group of Companies, you will have ample opportunities to discover the lengths we can go to achieve and deliver great Housing Projects & Plotting Schemes to cater the need of general public so that they can also earn maximum benefits from their investments.

We promise you excellence in every step of the way to boost your confidence and trust in us. That’s our credo & market reputation that’s our commitment.


We desire our clients to be financially prosperous due to our lucrative ideal Projects & Schemes. We believe in prosperity that comes naturally through professional competence, hard work, sincerity and continuity of good policies. Precisely, we believe in prosperity that is earned by maintaining true professionalism on high ethical and quality standard.


Business of Builders & Developers is just like industry where quality and creative planing is more dependent on true professional skill, modern planning and highest level of management, who have flair for creation innovation and expression both through quality and impressive work & planning that combined together go deep enough to move the people and create an impulsive desire for availing units in our Projects & Schemes. Add to it providing the best services to clients by our management team which is always on its toes to provide complete know-how of our various prestigious Projects & Schemes for the benefit of all.

Being an experienced Builders & Developers with full of unrivalled enthusiasm, un-abating vigor and a voracious appetite for the challenging tasks, we love to take bold steps intellectually and moves forward in right directions. We test our efforts if they have synchronized with our clients’ needs and remain restless until and unless the desired fruitful results are achieved.

Satisfaction of our clients is a victory for us in our field, which reposes trust and confidence in us due to our past achievements, confidence and a solid reputable standing and worth in the market